In the San Francisco Bay Area since 1998, my designs bring furniture, artwork, rugs, lighting, plants, and accessories to transform your home so you feel a personal connection with your living environment, bridging your personality with your belongings.

You would be surprised how much can be accomplished by simply rearranging things your already own in a brand new way and/or purchasing items tailored to your personality.

Your home must fit your personality and lifestyle to make you feel in harmony with your surroundings.  I decorate with what you already own, but arranged in a whole new way, using the art of placement and finding your personal style.  It is easier for me to see your personal style and make the connections than it is for you, since you are so connected to your things.  I am passionate about bringing harmony, order and visual balance to the rooms I redesign.  Let me help you improve your home's image.

Whether you own your home or rent, these are the areas I can help you with:

  • Interior Design

  • Real Estate Staging of your home (for Sale or Rent)

  • Organizing (Paper, Office, Closets, Clothing, Kitchen, ...)

  • Color and Decor Consultation (Interior and Exterior)

  • Professional Training

  • Moving Services

  • Special Events Decorating (Holiday, Parties, Weddings, ...)

  • Bathroom Remodeling

  • Kitchen Remodeling

  • Space planning (How to use your space more efficiently)